Current Land Titles

Titles identify the current owner and show all outstanding registered interests in the land, such as mortgages, caveats, easements and builders’ liens. To obtain a title search you must know the legal description, Land Identification Number Code, (LINC number) or the title number for the property you want to search. A title can not be searched by municipal address, however we have the ability to search the municipality in which the property is located and obtain the legal description to pull the land title.


Historical Land Titles

If you want to know who owned the property before the current owners, you can request a historical search. Several types of information may be required to locate an historical title such as reference title numbers, owner’s name, and legal description. Historical titles may be ordered by visiting our office or by completing an online application/request.

Please note:

We search Historical Titles is chronological order. Ie; If you require a title from 1988, and there have been 2 separate property owners between the current date and the 1988 title, you will have to pay for all titles in between until we find the one that you want.