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Corporate Dissolution & Revival


Corporation Dissolution

The Government of Alberta maintains a database to record important corporate information for every corporation registered to do business in Alberta. Those responsible for the corporation must ensure that the information is kept up-to-date. You may register such changes at New Urban Registry. One such piece of corporate information is the ‘Dissolution’ of the corporation.

The corporation must prepare and file with New Urban Registry a form called Articles of Dissolution.

Corporation Revival

If a corporation fails to register its ‘Annual Returns’, it will eventually be struck off the Government Registry. If this was inadvertent, the corporation must seek ‘Reinstatement’ (for Extra-Provincial or foreign corporations), or Revival (for Alberta corporations).

Both of these services are available at New Urban Registry.

To revive an Alberta corporation, “Articles of Revival” are required. The Annual Returns for past years must also be filed.

For extra-provincial corporations, an “Application to Reinstate Extra-Provincial Corporation” must be completed and filed with New Urban Registry. It is not necessary for an extra-provincial corporation to file annual returns for past years.

In either case, a NUANS Report may be required to ensure that the name of the corporation is still available for use in Alberta

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