Corporate Searches

Corporate Registry is a centralized storehouse of information on all legal entities, businesses and non profit organizations registered within the province. This information is public information and is available to anyone upon request.

A request for information from Corporate Registry’s records is called a ‘search’.

There are four types of searches that are available:

  • Current Search – current information on organizations such as how long the organization has been in operation, its’ address, name of directors and/or shareholders, declarants, etc.
  • Historical Search – the same type of information as given for a current search is available for all legal entities with the exception of trade names and partnerships (this information is for a specific past date)
  • Certificates of Status – the current status of the organization, i.e., ‘Active’, ‘Struck’, etc. (a certificate of status is not available for trade names)
  • Historical Certificates of Status – the status of the organization on a specific past date

Search results are provided in different formats, depending on when the information was collected and what technology was available at that time. For example, a corporation that was formed during the ’70’s would have their historical records on microfilm whereas a corporation that was recently incorporated will have their records stored in an electronic format.

All search services are provided by authorized service providers.