Incorporating in Calgary

New Urban Registry provides a full range of corporate registry services.

The Government of Alberta assigns an identification number to every corporation registered in Alberta. Thus, unless another specific name is requested by the incorporators, a corporation may end up with a name such as 12345 Alberta Ltd.

Whether the corporation operates under a number or a chosen name, it must always include the words or abbreviations “Corporation” or “Corp.”, or “Limited” or “Ltd.”. Identification of a corporation by a number alone does not offer a description of the kind of business that it is engaged in, but everyone trading with the business should at least be aware from the use of the term “Ltd.” that it is a corporation rather than a sole proprietorship or partnership.

A corporation may choose to take a name other than the number assigned to it, provided the name is available for use in Alberta. (Click: NUANS Reports). Thus, if the name “Quality Painting & Decorating Ltd.” is available (i.e., that name has not already been secured by another corporation as a corporate name or trade mark), the corporation could incorporate under that name. In doing so, the corporation highlights the kind of business that it is engaged in (i.e., “Painting & Decorating”) and it also obtains the right to use that name over all other similar trade names –but not over prior registered trade marks. (Click “Trade Marks”)

Neither the number nor the name chosen by the corporation from a NUANS search are trade names. They are proper legal names. Any corporation can register and operate under one or more trade names such as, for example, 12345 Alberta Ltd. doing business as “Quality Painting”. The same corporation can also own and operate several kinds of business which they sometimes designate as “‘Quality Painting’, or ‘Quality Plumbing’, or ‘Quality Bakery”, a division of 12345 Alberta Ltd.”‘, but these are not separate corporate entities. The corporation is liable for each so-called ‘division’.

The choice of a name for your business is important whether you own your business as a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation. You can register a Trade Name at “New Urban Registry” –which, incidentally, is a trade name registered by New Urban Registry Ltd.

Obligations and Responsibilities after Incorporation and/or Registration