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Extra-Provincial Companies

The Government of Alberta maintains a database to record important corporate information for every corporation registered to do business in Alberta. Those responsible for the corporation must ensure that the information is kept up-to-date. You may register such information at New Urban Registry.

All corporations that propose to do business in Alberta should be registered in the Corporate Registry. Corporations from outside of Alberta or whose home jurisdiction is other than Alberta must file as an extra-provincial corporation.

The corporation must prepare and file with New Urban Registry:

    1. Statement of Registration
    2. Notice of Attorney for Service( Note: “Attorney” does not necessarily mean a lawyer, but rather a person designated by the corporation to serve as the contact person of the corporation in Alberta. See also:


In addition, the following will be required from the jurisdiction in which the corporation was incorporated:

    1. Certificate of Incorporation (or Certificate of Amalgamation, Merger or Continuance)
    2. Articles of Incorporation
    3. Certificate(s) of Amendment (if any); and
    4. Certificate of good standing in the original jurisdiction.


A Nuans Report must be ordered to ensure that the proposed name of the corporation is not already in use in Alberta by another corporation. See NUANS Reports.

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