Numbered Companies

Forming a “Limited” Corporation

The word “limited” at the end of a Canadian corporation’s name implies that liability of the corporation’s shareholders is limited to the money they paid to buy the shares. By contrast, ownership by sole proprietor or partnership carries unlimited personal legal responsibility for debts incurred by the business.

How is a limited corporation formed?

To form a limited corporation, you must provide a corporate name and address, describe the structure and identify the type of corporation and provide director information. The following information is provided to assist you in this process.

A “numbered” name is comprised of three parts – the numbered part, which is assigned by Corporate Registry, the word “Alberta”, and your choice of one of the legal elements. A NUANS report is not necessary for a numbered name.

When incorporating a company with New Urban Registry we provide a simple and easy to use form.

Your number will be generated by Alberta Registries.

Some rules regarding numbered companies:

  1. A numbered company must end with a legal entity

    For example:

    1234567 Alberta Ltd. or Limited 1234567 Alberta Inc. or Incorporated 1234567 Alberta Corp. or Corporation

  2. Business address must be a physical location or a legal land description.
  3. At least 25% of company directors must be Canadian residents.
  4. Company shareholders can be recorded when filing an annual return or creating a minute book.
  5. An annual return must be filed yearly on the date of incorporation or anniversary date. When an annual return is not filed for two years Alberta Registries will strike off (cancel) the company.

For a G.S.T.-number you can apply online or at the Harry Hayes building (220- 4th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta)

Please note, that societies and non-profit organizations can only be registered through the Corporate Registry in Edmonton.

If the application is incomplete and further information is required, an additional fee of $12.50 will be charged to complete the application.

The share structure can be viewed in the following PDF. There is two way to incorporate a company you can download a .PDF fill it out and fax or email it in. The second way is our secure online method where you can fill out the application online and pay with any major credit with our secure check out. The turn around time is 24 to 48 hours where you will get back:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. Registration Statement
  4. Share Structure
  5. G.S.T Application
  6. Business Licence Application
  7. Receipt