We assume that all clients have read this Disclaimer prior to ordering any service from New Urban Registry.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with the Office Manager,

New Urban Registry, (403) 262-9999

New Urban Registry does not offer to provide legal service or legal advice.

New Urban Registry Ltd. does not offer or provide legal service or legal advice except pursuant to an express written retainer agreement entered into between a client and our corporate and notary staff or our in-house (or referral) lawyer(s). If you have not signed such agreement, and if you have not been given a copy of it, then you must understand that New Urban Registry is not providing legal services to you. You will know by the formalities and charges paid by you in advance for the service that you seek that such service or advice is of a legal nature. For one thing, it will be more expensive.

Make your Instructions Clear.

Our Registry staff is limited to providing information and advice of a general nature relating only to Registry services. And in performing Registry services, New Urban Registry staff will act only on your express instructions, and when doing so they will assume that you have carefully considered such instructions and that you have sought and received information and advice from a lawyer, accountant, or other qualified professional, and that if you have not done so, that you implicitly assume all responsibility for the consequences of incorrect or unclear instructions. Be careful and considerate when providing instructions. We are in business to help – but we are not mind-readers.

We must follow the rules provided by the Government of Alberta.

The Registry services provided by New Urban Registry may be limited by the laws, rules, regulations and policies of the Government of Alberta. While we aim to please, often we are limited in what we can do for you by rules designed to maintain the integrity of the Registry system and our office. We appreciate your understanding. If we can’t perform a service for you, we will tell you so. “No” means “No”.

Missing Information?

The service that New Urban Registry Ltd. provides is based wholly or in part on the information provided by our clients. Occasionally, information will also be obtained from searches of corporate or other Registry databases, or other documentary information provided by our clients. We can assist in your search and registration requirements, but we are not detectives and we cannot fill-in information which is missing or was incorrect when provided to us.

Our clients are responsible to ensure that their instructions and information provided to us is full, accurate and timely. If you know that something is missing from the information we require in order to complete your service, tell us so. Once your instructions have been complied with, clients will normally be given the opportunity to review and confirm the information to be recorded in a Registry database. Often because of urgency, email or fax instructions, it is impractical to provide an opportunity for client review prior to data entry.

New Urban Registry Ltd. will assume that clients have read and received the material once it is sent to them by us and that we will be forthwith notified of any corrections, additions or deletions.


What do we do with your information?

For privacy concerns, please view the following privacy documents:

Web Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy for Clients

Privacy Policy for Employees

No Liability

New Urban Registry Ltd. will not be responsible for damages resulting from any delay, however caused. Our clients assume a responsibility to ensure that their instructions were received by New Urban Registry staff. A quick call or email will normally suffice. But do not blindly assume that New Urban Registry has received your instructions. Especially when your service is urgent or important, keep in contact with to confirm the status of your service –often we are waiting for something necessary to continue your service. But check with us.

New Urban Registry Ltd., its agents, contractors, officers, directors and employees shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from any error or omission which may occur in the performance of their duties, except to the extent of reimbursement of fees and service charges, if any. New Urban Registry staff will be happy to repeat any service which was done incorrectly or inadvertently, except where the error arises from any deficiency in the information or instructions provided by the client. Be clear and unambiguous in your instructions. New Urban Registry staff cannot be responsible to interpret instructions that are vague, misleading, incomplete, or unclear. If you have a strong accept, poor handwriting, or an incomplete command of the English language, make an extra effort to ensure that we understand your instructions.

Have a Nice Day

New Urban Registry is committed to making your Registry experience as pleasant as possible. We understand that you may be in a rush –usually a product of your waiting until the last minute to request a Registry service – or that you would sooner be having your lunch than waiting in a line-up in our office. We understand also that the underlying reason for your visit to a Registry may be uncomfortable or unpleasant –like a visit to the dentist. And while we make every effort to understand your concerns, perform your service and get you on your way, we cannot tolerate abuse.

New Urban Registry adopts a low-level tolerance for abuse of its staff. We’re pretty tough. However, we will not tolerate verbal, physical or other abuse. So, please be kind, and be patient, and we will do what we can to properly serve you.

Pay Your Bills

Finally, New Urban Registry hopes to remain in business forever. Accordingly, we adopt a very low tolerance for clients who are slow or reluctant to pay for the services that they have ordered. We will be reasonable with all of our clients in fulfilling their needs, but we must insist upon being paid promptly for the services we provide. We think that is fair.

In return, New Urban Registry will provide the very best Registry, corporate and notary services we can.