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Personalized & Veteran Plates


Personalized Plates

A personalized plate (also known as vanity plates) can have up to seven characters (including spaces) of either letters or numbers. Personalized plates can be issued for almost every registration class except Dealer, Antique or Disabled.

Personalized plates are ordered through New Urban Registry under the driver’s licence of the individual whom the plate will belong too. The plates are mailed directly to the mailing address of the individual.

Delivery of the plates take 4-6 weeks.

Alberta Registries reserves the right to reject requests for personalized plates for any reason, which includes ethnic slurs, religious slurs or foul language.

Veteran’s Plates

The Government of Alberta introduced a special veterans’ licence plate in 2005 and a motorcycle veterans’ licence plate in 2012 to honour the contributions of Alberta veterans.Veterans’ licence plates can be used on vehicles with passenger class registration, such as passenger cars, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, motor homes, light trucks and motorcycles. The plates are also available for farm vehicles with class 2 commercial registration.

Veterans who are eligible for the special licence plate have three payment options:

  1. Pay the plate exchange fee
  2. Renew the vehicle registration ahead of the regularly scheduled renewal date and pay only the cost of the vehicle registration renewal (the plate exchange fee will not be charged when doing an early registration renewal)
  3. Renew the vehicle registration at the regularly scheduled renewal date and pay the cost of the next annual vehicle registration (the plate exchange fee will not be charged when doing a regular registration renewal)



Support Our Troops Plates

Support our Troops Plates may be ordered through New Urban Registry. The Government fees of these plates are directly donated to support the men, women, and families of those in uniform. These plates are issued sequentially and special configurations cannot be requested.

These plates are delivered directly to an individual’s mailing address at which time can be transferred to the vehicle of their choice.

These plates cost $84.45 and take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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