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Across Canada Lien Search


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Description of Service:

This service allows you to search property for registered liens across Canada.

Forms Required:


Documents Required:


Information Required:

Specify which Province the search is for including the individual/business/serial number information.


No rush service available.
Requests can also be sent in through email or fax.


Fees vary depending on province. Please refer to the chart.

British Columbia $35.82
Saskatchewan $22.00
Manitoba $27.21
Ontario $49.00
New Brunswick $34.00
Newfoundland $25.75
Nova Scotia $33.50
Prince Edward Island $33.00
Quebec $33.55
Yukon $33.75
North West Territories $26.96
Nunavut $23.21

Payment information:

We accept credit cards and all forms of payment but an additional 3% fee for all credit card transactions will apply.


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1138 10th Ave SW Calgary

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Request Assistance from one of our staff members


Request Assistance from one of our staff members