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Alberta Corporate Amalgamation


Alberta Corporate Amalgamation


Description of Service:
A corporate amalgamation is when two or more corporations join together to become one corporation.
Forms Required:
Articles of Amalgamation
Change of Address
Change of Directors
Documents Required:
Statutory Declaration from a proposed Director of the amalgamated Corporation
Amalgamation Agreement if the amalgamating corporations are un-related to each other
Information Required:
All of the documents must be sent to us at 1138 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B6 and we will send back proof of filing as per request.
Payment information:
We accept credit cards and all forms of payment but an additional 3% fee for all credit card transactions will apply.

  1. The corporations that take part in an amalgamation may be:
      • Two or more unrelated Alberta corporations;
      • An Alberta holding corporation and one or more of its wholly-owned Alberta subsidiaries;
      • Two or more wholly-owned Alberta subsidiaries of the same holding corporation; or
      • An Alberta corporation and an extra-provincial corporation where one is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the other

Required forms:

        1. Articles of Amalgamation:
        2. Notice of Address:

Notice of Directors:

Agent of Service:

Other forms may be required. We will contact you if we require any more information.

  1. Required Documents:
    1. Statutory Declaration: A Statutory Declaration will need to be completed by a proposed director of the new amalgamated corporation. In the statutory declaration, the names of the amalgamating corporation and the new, amalgamated corporation must be stated.

As per Section 185(2) of the BCA, the statutory declaration must also include a statement to the effect that:

There are reasonable grounds for believing:

  • The amalgamated corporation will be able to pay its liabilities as they become due. The realizable value of the amalgamated corporation’s assets will not be less than the aggregate of its liabilities and stated capital of all classes. No creditor will be prejudiced by the amalgamation.


  • Adequate notice has been given to all known creditors of the amalgamating corporations and no creditor objects to the amalgamation, otherwise than on grounds that are frivolous or vexatious.

Alberta Health Care Requirements

Legal Entitlement Proof of Alberta Residency Proof of ID
Canadian Birth Certificate/ Passport/ citizenship card/certificate Alberta drivers licence / ID Card Valid Driver’s Licence/ ID Card / School ID
Work Permit (Must State Alberta or Open) / Study Permit Provincial assistance programs (Current Income Support/Current AISH card Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit)
Permanent Resident card/ PR Confirmation Current bills for Alberta residence within 6 months (Gas/ Phone/Utility/Cable PR Card
Refugee Claimant (Notice of Decision/ Single Journey Documents/ Work Permit Current Alberta documents (Property Tax/Land Title/Mortgage/Lease agreement/Rental Insurance/Vehicle Registration) Canadian Passport (Expired PP is acceptable)
Indian Status Card/ Treaty Card Non- Canadian Passport
Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit )