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Articles of Revival


Description of Service:

If a company has been struck for failing to file two consecutive annual returns or was dissolved, it can continue carrying on business once Articles of Revival are filed. Please note, all outstanding annual returns must be filed prior in order for the company to be revived.

Forms Required:

Articles of Revival
Change of Address
Change of Director

Documents Required:

Annual Return (for each year outstanding)

Information Required:



Only the director(s)/shareholder(s) or officer(s) who were appointed at the time of dissolution can revive the corporation.
Requests can also be made through email or fax.


$300.00 for the Revival and $75.00 For each outstanding annual return.

Payment information:

We accept credit cards and all forms of payment but an additional 3% fee for all credit card transactions will apply.


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Request Assistance from one of our staff members