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Driver’s Abstract (From Out-of-Province)


Description of Service:

A Driver’s Abstract will include information with regard to the current status of the operator’s licence, any conviction information, any demerit points and suspensions. It will also confirm name, address, date of birth, height, weight, sex, motor vehicle identification number, an Alberta operator licence number (if one exists), issue date, expiration date, and class of the licence.

Please note that a driver’s abstract WILL NOT confirm your date first licensed in Alberta, if you require this information you must request a Confirmation Letter

Forms Required:

Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information Form – During covid this form DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTARIZATION

Documents Required:

One copy of your valid photo identification that includes your name and date of birth such as driver’s license or passport – During covid this ID DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTARIZATION

Form link: Fillable PDF Document

Information Required:

You must email the form and your identification to:


$28.00 + mailing fees noted below

Your documents will be mailed to the address specified on the Notarized Request, the cost for mailing within Canada is $16.00, US is $35.00.

For any addresses outside of Canada and the United States, you will be required to submit your own shipping label via email.

Please note that these documents CANNOT be sent via email or fax

Payment information:

You may pay via e-transfer to or via credit card – a link will be provided to you upon receipt of your application


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