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Lien Registrations | PPSA Registration


Description of Service:

A lien (or a security interest over property) can be registered with the Personal Property Security Agreement System.

Forms Required:

Financing Statement

Documents Required:


Information Required:

Names, and address of all debtors and secured party’s

  • Authorized persons full name and signature
  • Contact information for individual(s) authorizing
  • Include all information with regard to collateral
  • Must have a written agreement between the debtor and secured party.


Requests can also be sent in through email or fax.


First year is $14.00 and additional years are $2.00 each

Payment information:

We accept credit cards and all forms of payment but an additional 3% fee for all credit card transactions will apply.


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Request Assistance from one of our staff members


Request Assistance from one of our staff members