New Urban Registry

Registration/Plate Cancellation


Registration/Plate Cancellation

This service allows you to cancel a plate and/or registration of a vehicle.

Forms Required:

Licence Plate/Parking Placard Cancellation Declaration

Documents Required:

A copy of valid government-issued photo ID for all registrant(s)

Information Required:

All information required for the service is included in the form



$9.00 – please note that this is a fee paid separately to the registry and cannot be taken from your refund. Your refund will be a cheque mailed by the government of Alberta to the address specified on your application form. You will receive the cheque in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Payment information:

You may pay via credit card: a link will be provided upon receipt of your application

You may pay via e-transfer to

Alberta Health Care Requirements

Legal Entitlement Proof of Alberta Residency Proof of ID
Canadian Birth Certificate/ Passport/ citizenship card/certificate Alberta drivers licence / ID Card Valid Driver’s Licence/ ID Card / School ID
Work Permit (Must State Alberta or Open) / Study Permit Provincial assistance programs (Current Income Support/Current AISH card Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit)
Permanent Resident card/ PR Confirmation Current bills for Alberta residence within 6 months (Gas/ Phone/Utility/Cable PR Card
Refugee Claimant (Notice of Decision/ Single Journey Documents/ Work Permit Current Alberta documents (Property Tax/Land Title/Mortgage/Lease agreement/Rental Insurance/Vehicle Registration) Canadian Passport (Expired PP is acceptable)
Indian Status Card/ Treaty Card Non- Canadian Passport
Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit )