Renewals & Amendments

You can make changes or corrections to registrations on the Alberta Personal Property
Registry Electronic System (“APRES”) by using a Financing Change Statement (for
financing statement registration) or Status Report (for writ registration). Changes or
corrections are only effective from the date that the amendment is registered on APRES.

The situations where changes can be made to a registration are:

  1. To renew a registration;
  2. To amend a registration by deleting or adding information;
  3. To discharge a registration;
  4. To amend and renew a registration by deleting and/or adding information and
    renewing at the same time;
  5. Debtor, secured party and collateral information may be changed if the
    registration is current on APRES; and
  6. If the fields on the change form are not enough (i.e., you are adding two or
    more debtors, you can use the Writ of Enforcement Addendum).

    For outside Alberta registrations, please give us a call as prices vary from province to