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Registry FAQs


What is New Urban Registry?

New Urban Registry is a private company appointed by the Government of Alberta to provide certain government services such as driver licencing and motor vehicle registration.

We are also authorised to access certain government data bases for functions such as business names, business incorporations, land titles, and so on.

In addition to these government services we also provide a number of other non-government, legal services for business and individuals.

While we are a private company, documents we issue, such a vehicle registration or drivers’ licences, are official, authentic documents of the Government of Alberta and are as valid as if they were issued directly by the Government of Alberta.

Many of the government services provided by New Urban Registry are only available through authorised registry agents such a New Urban Registry.


What services does New Urban Registry provide?

New Urban Registry provides a wide range of government and legal services to meet business and personal needs. (Click on the highlighted words for additional information.)

Business/Personal services include:

  • registration for or updating information for Alberta Health Care,
  • vital statistics such as birth, death, and marriage certificates, legal name change and marriage licences,
  • motor vehicle services,
  • liens and lien searches,
  • partnerships, incorporations, and corporate searches,
  • trade name registration,
  • notary and paralegal services,
  • registered office services, and
  • corporate filings.
  • property tax information, and
  • land titles searches.


Do I need to bring original documents to carry out registry functions?

All documents used to provide services on behalf of the Government of Alberta must be originals to assure the information is accurate and true.

If original documents are unavailable then a copy officially certified to be a true copy will be sufficient.
Original documents will be returned. In the event copies are required, they will be made at the registry office and the original returned to you.

An in-house notary is available to certify true copies. To book an appointment with our notary please click here.


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