New Urban Registry

Security Licensing


          Under the Security Services and Investigators Act, individuals working in the security, investigation and locksmith services industry must be licensed.  Working without a license is an offense under the Act and may result in fines or court appearances. Security service workers monitor, patrol and guard private property and protect people. Individuals can now apply for a license at our office for the following occupations:

  1. Security Guard / Security service worker
  2. Locksmiths
  3. Private Investigators
  4. Automotive lock bypass worker




What you need to bring?


If you are getting a licensee for a single service which means either an Investigator, Security guard, Locksmith or an Automotive Lock Bypass Worker it is going to be CAD 109.00

And if you want to get dual licenses (For a valid pair) like Investigator/Security Guard, it is going to be CAD 169.00

Alberta Health Care Requirements

Legal Entitlement Proof of Alberta Residency Proof of ID
Canadian Birth Certificate/ Passport/ citizenship card/certificate Alberta drivers licence / ID Card Valid Driver’s Licence/ ID Card / School ID
Work Permit (Must State Alberta or Open) / Study Permit Provincial assistance programs (Current Income Support/Current AISH card Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit)
Permanent Resident card/ PR Confirmation Current bills for Alberta residence within 6 months (Gas/ Phone/Utility/Cable PR Card
Refugee Claimant (Notice of Decision/ Single Journey Documents/ Work Permit Current Alberta documents (Property Tax/Land Title/Mortgage/Lease agreement/Rental Insurance/Vehicle Registration) Canadian Passport (Expired PP is acceptable)
Indian Status Card/ Treaty Card Non- Canadian Passport
Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit )