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Getting Married?

Before your marriage ceremony takes place, a couple will need to obtain a marriage licence from a Registry Agent. This document entitles you to a legal ceremony performed by a marriage commissioner in the Province of Alberta within the next 90 days.

To get a marriage licence in Alberta, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old (minors under the age of 18 will need consent from both parents or legal guardian)
  • Provide valid government issued photo identification
  • Provide the birthplaces and legal names of parents
  • Must be currently unmarried (original document proving a finalized divorce will be required if you have been married before)
  • Must not be under the influence of any substances while applying for the licence
  • The couple must attend the registry office in person, together


Additional Requirements

Additional requirements for special circumstances:

  • Both parties to the marriage must speak English (Note: If they do not, it is their responsibility to provide an interpreter who is over 18 years old and is fluent in both English and the language requiring translation. If the registry agent issuing the Marriage Licence is fluent in the other language, then that registry agent may proceed as the interpreter for issuing the Marriage Licence. The couple applying for a licence cannot translate for each other.)
  • If either party is deaf, a sign language interpreter may be required
  • If either party is a person with disabilities and a trustee or guardian has been appointed, proof that their trustee or guardian has been informed of the upcoming marriage is required


Once the marriage has been registered with Vital Statistics in Edmonton, you may order your official Marriage Certificate through New Urban Registry. Click here to find out how to apply!

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Alberta Health Care Requirements

Legal Entitlement Proof of Alberta Residency Proof of ID
Canadian Birth Certificate/ Passport/ citizenship card/certificate Alberta drivers licence / ID Card Valid Driver’s Licence/ ID Card / School ID
Work Permit (Must State Alberta or Open) / Study Permit Provincial assistance programs (Current Income Support/Current AISH card Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit)
Permanent Resident card/ PR Confirmation Current bills for Alberta residence within 6 months (Gas/ Phone/Utility/Cable PR Card
Refugee Claimant (Notice of Decision/ Single Journey Documents/ Work Permit Current Alberta documents (Property Tax/Land Title/Mortgage/Lease agreement/Rental Insurance/Vehicle Registration) Canadian Passport (Expired PP is acceptable)
Indian Status Card/ Treaty Card Non- Canadian Passport
Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit )