Registration Amendments

The original registration, completed at the time of the event (birth, marriage, death, stillbirth), is the legal document filed permanently with Vital Statistics. When the registration contains errors or incomplete/missing information, an amendment may be requested to correct the registration. Only Alberta events may be amended.

It is very important to complete registrations with an attention to detail. Print clearly and legibly if the document is handwritten as unclear information will be inputted as interpreted. When you order the certificate from New Urban Registry, the staff will verify spelling with you and compare the information you provide with the registration completed by Vital Statistics in Edmonton. An amendment can be requested at that time and follow-up will be required once the government delivers new documents for you to sign.

Procedures vary depending on the type of event and it is best to consult one of the Vital Statistic staff members available at New Urban Registry. Upon reviewing the file and documents, New Urban staff will help guide you through the required paperwork and send the documents to Vital Statistics in Edmonton for final review. Once Edmonton has made the change to the original registration as per the amendment request, a correct certificate pertaining to the event may be ordered/replaced.

Please note that in some situations amendments fees may apply.

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