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Vital Stats FAQs



How do I register a birth in Alberta?

Generally, registering an infant’s birth in Alberta is simple. If the birth takes place in a hospital, the hospital will provide the forms necessary for the birth registration and file the completed forms with the Vital Statistic branch of the provincial government.

At the same time the hospital will also provide and file the forms necessary to enroll the infant in the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.  The infants care will be recorded under the child’s Alberta Health number and the mother’s care will be recorded under her health care number.

Registering the birth will require the full name and birth place of both mother and father. If one of the parents is a foreign national, and the parents wish to have the child’s birth recorded in the parent’s home country, then the parent will have to apply through the diplomatic offices of the foreign country. (Click here to see the answer to the question: How do I register a birth abroad for another country?)

If the birth is attended by a midwife or another professional health care provider, they will supply the birth registration forms as well as the forms necessary to register the infant under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.


What kinds of birth documents are available?

Alberta Vital Statistics provides four kinds of birth documents:

  • birth certificate with personal information only.
  • birth certificate with personal information and parentage.
  • photocopy of a registration of birth, or
  • birth record search.


How do I get a birth certificate?

You must apply in person with a registry agent, such as New Urban, and present approved photo identification. Applications for vital statistics materials are then send to the Vital Statistics branch of Service Alberta which means it may take several days for the certificate to be issued.

The Vital Statistics Branch is the provincial government agency responsible for a range of government functions such as registration of personal events that occur in Alberta including births, deaths, marriages, and legal change of name.


Who can apply for a birth certificate?

Only an eligible person can apply for a birth certificate, a certified copy of a registration of birth, or other vital statistics documents.

Click here for list of those eligible to obtain a birth certificate or, if you are uncertain about your eligibility please contact Service Alberta.


What kinds of identification are acceptable?

Identification must:

  • be an original document,
  • have been issued by:
    • a federal, provincial, or territorial government in Canada, or
    • another government in another country.
  • contain all of the following:
    • your photo;
    • your first and last name; and
    • a distinct identification number.
  • be valid at the time it is provided or issued within the last five years when it lacks and expiry date.


I am unable to provide any of the identification in the list, what do I do?

If you are unable to provide any of the acceptable forms of identification you can designate a person to act on your behalf. You must have known this person for at least a year. This person, who is referred to as a designated agent, must present one of the acceptable forms of identification.


I am unsure about my eligibility to get a birth certificate or acceptable identification?

Click here to see a list of those eligible for apply for a birth certificate.

Click here to see a list of eligible forms of identification.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility or identification, contact Alberta Vital Statistics at 310-0000. They will able to answer your questions and tell you how to proceed.


How can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate from another province or jurisdiction?

Alberta registry agents, such as New Urban Registry, can only issue documents controlled by the Government of Alberta.  With the exception of Ontario and Quebec, we can order certain documents from other provinces or territories.

For documents issued or controlled by other jurisdictions you must apply directly to those jurisdictions. Search on-line for the jurisdiction that issued the original document.

How do I register a birth for another country?

All children born in Alberta are automatically Canadian citizens. If one of the child’s parents is a citizen of another country, you may register the child’s birth with that country which confers that country’s citizenship on the child.

To register a birth with another country you must contact the nearest diplomatic mission of that country. High commissions, for countries of the Commonwealth (the former British Empire), and embassies are generally located in Ottawa.

Larger countries may have consulates general, consulates, or honorary consuls in major Canadian cities. Check with those diplomatic offices to determine their service locations and appropriate steps to register a birth.

Before registering a birth with another country you should determine the consequences of a registration. Some countries prohibit dual citizenship so registration may invalidate Canadian citizenship conferred at birth. Canada recognises dual citizenship.

Countries may have compulsory requirements for citizens such as military service or tax reporting obligations. You should check on the rights and obligations of citizens in other countries before registering a child’s birth with the other country.

(Some smaller countries may be represented by an ambassador resident in another country. Often the ambassadors of small countries are resident in Washington, D.C. and accredited to Canada. Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs publishes a list of accredited diplomats and diplomatic missions in Canada.)


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