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Confirmation Letter (From Out-of-Province)


Confirmation Letter (From Out-of-Province)

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Description of Service:

This service allows you to obtain a confirmation letter from outside of Alberta. This document will confirm your date of first licensed in Alberta. This document will not contain any driving history information from other provinces or countries.

Forms Required:

Notarized Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information form. During Covid this for DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTARIZATION

Documents Required:

One notarized copy of identification which contains your photo, legal name and date of birth – During Covid this document DOES NOT REQUIRE NOTARIZATION

A signed letter OR email explaining why you require the confirmation letter (ex: switching license to another province or country)

Information Required:

Please email all document(s) to:



All of the documents must be sent to us at 1138 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0B6.

Notarized documents are valid only for one month from the date of notarization.


$40.00 plus mailing fees.

If the information is archived we will be required to send the request to the government, this will be an additional fee of $28.00 and the current processing time is approximately 10-12 weeks

Mailing: Within Canada: $16.00, US: $35.00. If you require these document to be mailed outside of the United States or Canada you will be required to provide your own shipping label via email

Payment information:

You may pay via credit card – a link will be provided upon receipt of your application

You may pay via e-transfer to

Delivery Method

Mail within Canada, Mail to United States, Mail outside of Canada and US

Alberta Health Care Requirements

Legal Entitlement Proof of Alberta Residency Proof of ID
Canadian Birth Certificate/ Passport/ citizenship card/certificate Alberta drivers licence / ID Card Valid Driver’s Licence/ ID Card / School ID
Work Permit (Must State Alberta or Open) / Study Permit Provincial assistance programs (Current Income Support/Current AISH card Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit)
Permanent Resident card/ PR Confirmation Current bills for Alberta residence within 6 months (Gas/ Phone/Utility/Cable PR Card
Refugee Claimant (Notice of Decision/ Single Journey Documents/ Work Permit Current Alberta documents (Property Tax/Land Title/Mortgage/Lease agreement/Rental Insurance/Vehicle Registration) Canadian Passport (Expired PP is acceptable)
Indian Status Card/ Treaty Card Non- Canadian Passport
Federal ID (Department of National Defence/ Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ First Nations / Inuit )